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Therapeutic Specific Area Massage Services in Fort McMurray

At Yvonne Dion Massage Therapy, I offer therapeutic massages that target specific target areas of the body. If you are suffering from a tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome, this ‘specific area’ therapeutic massage is the best for you. It is a very focused and intense form of massage therapy treatment that primarily focuses on releasing chronic muscle tension, trigger points and adhesions within deeper layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia. The therapy targets the affected parts of the body. 

The techniques used in this therapeutic massage include:

Dry myofascial release work

Deep stripping

General Swedish techniques for tissue warm-up and flushing

Deep stripping with active or passive engagement

Pin and stretch

Ischemic compression work

Friction work

… and more

Anybody who is suffering from a lateral ankle sprain, ITB friction syndrome, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, TOS, whiplash, etc. would highly benefit from this therapeutic session. Therapeutic massages are beneficial when your condition is either in the late sub-acute stage or chronic healing stage. The time of these stages differs from person to person depending upon individual healing rates. The late sub-acute stage is approximately two or three weeks post-injury for most individuals, while the chronic healing stage is approximately four weeks post-injury. I recommend you discuss your condition with me on  text or email before booking an appointment.

90-minute "Specific Area" Treatment - $125.00

It is a great option for someone that has a sub-acute or chronic specific condition that requires help with healing, WITH LARGER AREA OF TREATMENT WORK REQUIRED like MCL injury, plantar fasciitis, piriformis syndrome, tension headaches or migraine headaches, or frozen shoulder for example. This is NOT a full body treatment. 

Ease That Pain

A shoulder or neck pain can be relieved with just a few sessions of therapeutic massage.

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