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Experienced Massage Therapist Services in Timberlea, Fort McMurray

Yvonne Dion, the owner and chief therapist at Yvonne Dion Massage Therapy has recently graduated in February 2020 from the 2200-hour registered massage therapy course at Alberta College of Massage Therapy. She is a recent seasonal employee of Purolator in Timberlea, Fort McMurray, where she held the position of PM Sorter in 2018 and AM Sorter in 2019. Along with holding a diploma in Medical Office Administration, Yvonne has worked in the medical field in Timberlea, Fort McMurray for approximately 4 years between 2012 and 2016. She has experience in the construction industry and was recently employed with KBR at Fort Hills, working in the field of scaffolding from July 2016 to Jan 2018. She is also a Can Fit Pro Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor with an experience of over 25 years. She has always possessed a passion for helping people improve their health and wellness through fitness. As a result, she laid the foundation of Yvonne Dion Massage Therapy.

Yvonne Dion is a fitness enthusiast and believes that maintaining fitness throughout life helps in keeping us strong, mobile and independent as we age. Combining her knowledge and experience in fitness and skills in massage therapy, she wants to help people improve their health and wellness in a new way. 

I am always with you on your fitness journey, be it by providing a relaxation massage, a full-body therapeutic massage treatment, or providing fitness-related homecare as needed. You can contact me via text or email for more details. You can experience the whole process by booking yourself a therapeutic massage.

A Note About Why I’ve Decided to Use the Term “Therapeutic” Rather Than “Deep Tissue” in My Treatment Names

What I have learned about the term, "deep tissue" during my RMT course is that it gives many people the impression that a "deep tissue" massage treatment is about applying deep pressure during the entire treatment to help them feel better. However, this is not truly what massage therapy is about when it comes to treating the deeper layers of tissue that may be negatively impacting the client's health and wellness. Yes, I do apply deeper pressure at times during treatment but it's more complex than just applying that deep pressure during the entire massage treatment. It's about therapeutically affecting the client's deeper layers of tissues that may be affecting them negatively. I do this by warming up the more superficial tissue layers first, and then the deeper tissue layers next with less pressure and various techniques. I can then affect that deeper affected tissue more effectively with many different techniques that include deeper pressure but with the least amount of discomfort possible to the client because I need the client to be able to "let go" of any tissue that they are "muscle guarding." It is hard to release "muscle guarding" if the client feels a lot of pain or discomfort during treatment. By approaching massage this way, the client may not need as deep pressure as they thought they needed in the first place. After all, my goal is to help improve my client's health and wellness, and this cannot be accomplished if the client is not able to fully relax because they are "muscle guarding" during a treatment.

Note: "muscle guarding" is tissue areas that are restricted or, tight and/or feel painful to the client.

Massage therapy is about "teamwork" for me. I feel it's crucially important that my clients communicate what they are feeling during the treatment when I work with them, especially with regards to pain or discomfort. I use a pain scale of 1 to 10. 1 = no pain, 5 = moderate pain, 7 = uncomfortable pain but manageable (this is the absolute highest level I want my client to feel if I'm trying to release a trigger point of adhesions for example)
10 = worst pain ever (anything above a 7, is a level of pain that would warrant medical attention).

There may be times when I'm working with a client and they feel pain or discomfort. That's when communication needs to take place between me and my client so that I can help release the source of their pain through my bodywork and they can help release the source of their pain/discomfort by breathing deeply and "letting go" of the tissue they are "muscle guarding."

I hope you found this informative. 

Please feel free to email me with your feedback.

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