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Intense Full Body Massage Therapy in Fort McMurray

Looking for an experienced therapist for a full-body therapeutic massage in Timberlea, Fort McMurray? I am all set to provide you with a wonderful experience. A general therapeutic massage is an intense form of massage therapy that is primarily focused on releasing chronic muscle tension, trigger points, and adhesions within the deeper layers of muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia. 


Yvonne Dion Massage Therapy provides a relaxing therapeutic full-body treatment which also includes an extra ‘focus’ area, for example, your neck or shoulders. I use Swedish techniques for tissue warm-up and flushing, and non-Swedish techniques of deep tissue stripping to provide your muscles with a therapeutic massage. The ‘focused’ area work also involves non-Swedish techniques that might include some or all of the following techniques:

Myofascial release

Deep stripping

Deep stripping with active or passive engagement

Pin and stretch

Compression work

...and more

The full body general therapeutic massage is for individuals who experience discomfort in both the upper and lower body from time to time, suffer from chronic pain in multiple areas of the body, or perhaps have just completed a marathon. The full body treatment will help them release stress from their muscles and joints.

Option 2 – The Added Benefits of Stretching

The second option of Full Body “General” Therapeutic Massages comes with the added benefits of stretching. Along with the routine treatment, you will get a session of 15 minutes stretching. It will target some of your commonly tight areas in the body, which may include: neck, chest, upper & lower back, glutes, inner thighs, posterior and anterior thighs and calves.

You are required to bring appropriate clothes for this session which may include shorts or leggings and a t-shirt (+ sports bra for women). Bringing clothing isn’t optional.

After attending this entire session, you will feel a good overall stretch. Your muscles will be relaxed and you will feel good as new.


Get a Full Body Massage

A hectic week should be rewarded with a nice relaxing massage from a trained therapist.

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