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Professional 360° Lower Body Only Therapeutic Massage in Timberlea, Fort McMurray

Yvonne Dion Massage Therapy provides a relaxing 360° lower body only therapeutic massage, which focuses on the problem areas of your lower body. It is an intense massage session that can help you with pain or discomfort in your lower body in a few sessions. This is one of the most effective massage therapy treatments for conditions like postural imbalances or pain in the lower body. It is primarily focused on releasing chronic muscle tension, trigger points, and adhesions within deeper layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia to the lower body only. The only areas of the body worked on in this treatment are glutes, upper and lower legs, or feet.

Techniques used in 360° lower body only therapeutic massage also include general Swedish techniques for tissue warm-up and flushing, along with non-Swedish techniques that may include some or all of the following:

Myofascial release

Deep stripping with active or passive engagement

Deep stripping

Pin and stretch

Compression work

...and more

The pain and discomfort in your body can leave you feeling irritated and low on energy. This can seriously affect the quality of life, but it no longer has to be that way. Let me take your pain and troubles away with my therapeutic massage. I am trained, experienced and can administer the kind of massage you need to boost circulation, ease the pain, and reduce your stress levels in your body.

If you suffer from more pain and discomfort in your lower body than your upper body, have postural imbalances, or are at the chronic stage of healing from an injury in the lower body, book a massage therapy session with me today. You can also  text me or email me to discuss the right massage for you.

Enhance Your General Health

Choose the 360° lower body only therapeutic massage to release stress from your legs after a marathon and get ready for the next.

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